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Advanced messaging (Text & Email), broadcasting and scheduling

You can specify any combination of groups and contacts as recipients of your message. Every recipient can get personalized message with information retrieved from contact’s details. Using templates when composing new message or scheduling task is great time saver.

You can easily schedule one time or recurrent task targeted to hundreds of groups and contacts as easy as message to single contact. Each task can combine sending both SMS and Emails using one of your email accounts configured at SMSbyNow.

SMSbyNow lets you create unlimited number of groups with unlimited number of contacts. Every group can contain both SMS and Email contacts.  Your groups are safe: SMSbyNow allows your export and import groups as well as other application data.
Group Management


SMSbyNow is an application for users demanding reliable powerful and flexible messaging solution. After being most popular group and scheduling application for BlackBerry , SMSbyNow is now available for Android.