Screen&Audio Recorder: capture your BlackBerry device into HD MP4 movie

Screen&Audio Recorder FAQ:

Q. What can I do with Screen&Audio Recorder
A. Screen recorder allows your capturing BB10 screen and audio into MP4 movie file.

Q. How do I start recording?
A. You have few options: start recording immediately, start recording with some delay or start recording by turning your device face down. Both later options allow  you to navigatr to right initial screen.

Q. How do I stop recording?
A. You can stop recording by navigating back to ScreenRecorder app and click Stop button or just turn your device face down.

Q. Can I capture several movies without restarting the application?
A. Yes you can

Q. Do I need to leave ScreenRecorder to play just captured movie?
A. No, you can invoke Media Player directly from Screen&Audio Recorder.

Q. Can I publish my video to you YouTube right from the application?
A. Yes, when you click 'Share file' button, it takes you straight to YoutTube publishing screen.

QuickSnap: make snapshot of your BlackBerry device screen effortlessly

QuickSnap FAQ:

Q. What can I do with QuickSnap
A. QuickSnap allows you effortlessly capture screen of your BB10 device into image file.

Q. But BB10 already allows screenshot capture. Do I still need QuickSnap?
A. Absolutely: QuickSnap will dramatically increase your productivity when taking and processing snapshots. It allows you configure directory of your choice instead of using default one. Taking snapshot is much easier: all you need to do is just turn your device screen down. No need to go to File Manager to locate captured image. Image preview is shown right within application. You can open captured image at image viewer or editor, share image at BBM, Facebook, Twitter or Email. If you don't like captured image you can remove it right away.

Q. What "Capturing Armed" means?
A. It means that app is awaiting for your to turn device face down to capture screen. Normally you would navigate to right application or screen layout that you want to capture and then turn your device. Afterwards you navigate back to QuickSnap which shows preview of just captured screen.

Q.Why there is 'Allow the QuickSnap app to take screen shot' message shown?
A. It is security precaution imposed by BlackBerry

Q.How do I see all operations that I can do on captured image?
A. Long touch on capture image preview and context menu will appear.

Q. Can I take several snapshots in a row without manual re-arming?
A. Yes, you can. Just enable automatic re-arming option at application settings.

SMSbyNow: advanced messaging: groups and scheduling


Q. How I get started?
A. It is simple. Just add new group with some SMS and/or email contacts. Then clicking on the group will open ComposeMessage screen. Here you can write text of your message and subject (in case of email) and click 'Send' button on the top of the screen.
Please check this video for more details.

Q. How can I add contacts to existing group?
A. Long press on group item at Groups screen. When menu appears click 'Pencil' item at right. Group screen will appear, now you can click 'Add SMS'/'Add Email' icon at the bottom of the screen. New: now you have option of adding multiple phones and emails to the group.

Q. How can I remove contact from the  group?
A. Long press on group item at Groups screen. When menu appears click 'Pencil' item at right. Group screen will appear. Now press on Contact you want to remove. When menu appears click 'Recycle Bin' icon at right/bottom corner

Q. Can I modify list of recipients just before sending message out without modifying my groups?
A. Yes you can. Just use 'Recipients' command at Compose Message screen

Q. Can I place recipients list into Cc or Bcc instead of To?
A. Yes, you can specify default recipients placement at Application Setting screen

Q. How can I delete group?
A. Long press on group item at Groups screen. When menu appears click 'Recycle Bin' icon at right/bottom corner. You will be prompted to confirm group deleting.

Q.My messages don't seem to be sent. What's wrong?
A.Please check your network connectivity. Also you can visit Hub on your BB10 device and check your sent SMS and emails.

Q. Can I send message to multiple groups at once?
A. Yes, multiple groups selection is supported when composing new messages , forwarding email and scheduling task.

Q. It seems that not all contacts in the group received text messages?
A.It is possible that your operator throttles text message (as it seems suspicious that many identical messages are sent within very short time). Make sure that you use templates and personalize your text messages. This way text messages will not look as identical. You may also configure pause between sending text messages (up to 30 seconds). 

Q.Does every contact in the group see other group contacts?
A.It deepens. If you send one message to entire group then yes. If you send message as one-to-one, then every message is sent individually and contacts don't receive information about other group contacts.

Q.Why I get so many records in Hub after sending the message.
A.Since every message is sent individually,you see new record for every group contact.

Q.Can I mix emails and SMS in the same group?
A.Yes, you can.

Q.Can I add contacts that sent me messages or I sent messages to them directly to my group
A.Yes, you can. To do that please switch to Messages Tab, select email or SMS account that you want to add contacts from and click Add Contacts icon. You will choose group that contacts should be added to or you can create new group. Then list of contacts that are going to be added is shown and you can remove contacts that you don't want to add. Finally Edit Screen for the group with just added contacts is shown. You can review all contacts here and commit changes by clicking 'Save' button.

Q. What kind of data SMSbyNow allows to share using BlackBerry invocation framework.
A. SMSbyNow allows sharing files, links, text, contacts, etc.

Q. Does SMSbyNow support sending MMS.
A. Yes, starting from release SMSbyNow support sending SMS with attachments (MMS)
Q. SMSbyNow does not show me any of my contacts when I try to add contacts to the group.
A. Most like you have not granted SMSbyNow permissions to access your contacts. You can fix it by going to Global Setting/Application Permissions/SMSbyNow.

Q. Can I save my contacts and restore them on another device.
A. Yes, SMSbyNow has store Save/Load Groups commands available at Groups Tab

Q. Can I forward email to one or several group.
A. Yes, Please select message that you want to forward at Messages Tab, then select one or several groups that your want message to be forwarded to and click Forward command. Please not that contacts at the groups will appear at To/Cc/Bcc depending on your SMSbyNow settings.

A. Can I automatically forward SMS to one or several groups.
Q. Yes you can. To enable automatic SMS forwarding go to "Messages" tab, click on "Auto fwd SMS" icon and select oen or several groups that you want all your SMS to be forwarded to. 

Q. Is there limit on number of contacts in single group?
A.There is no hard limit on number of contacts in group.
We have reports about successful using of groups that exceeded 100 contacts. Please let us know if you experience any issue with large groups.

Q.Can I add contact details manually instead of picking it from my BlackBerry Contacts?
A. Yes, you can use Add Contact option withing Edit Group Screen.

Q.Can I copy all contacts from one group to the new group?
A.Yes, you can 'Clone group' command and all contacts will be copied.

Q. How can I schedule sending SMS or Emails?
A. You can start composing new message and when you message is ready choose one of Add Task option (you can schedule message as one-by-one or one-to-all). New task will be add and and can be seen in Tasks Tab. You can also schedule previously sent message from History Tab.

Q. Can I edit my scheduled message details (subject, body, attachment)?
A. Yes, there is Edit Task option at Task Tab (available trough long press on Task item). It will open Compose Message screen where you can make changes. When done select Add Task command.

Q. Can I reschedule my task execution time?
A. Yes, there is Reschedule option at Task Tab (available trough long press on Task item). It will let you to choose new time for your task.

Q. Do I need to have the application run in an active frame for it to execute a task?
A.Currently SMSbyNow should run as active frame to get tasks executed according the schedule. Upon start SMSbyNow checks for delayed task and if discovered prompt user to execute them.
Q. Can I schedule email or text message to individual contacts or I still should create  group?
A.Yes you can schedule message to individual contact. Just start composing message to the contact (from Contacts or Templates Tab) and then choose 'Add Task' command at Compose Message screen.

Q. Can I set to configure final date for my recurrent tasks.
A. Yes, you can configure end date for your recurrent tasks.

Q. Is my groups configuration stored at cloud. Will my groups be preserved if I reinstall SMSbyNow or wipe my device?
A. No, groups settings are stored only on your device. If you plan to uninstall  the app or wipe you device, please store your groups using "Save Groups" command and copy saved file from the device to your desktop or your cloud storage service. After re-installing SMSbyNow you will be able to restore your groups.

Q. How can I use external gateway to send text messages.
A. You have to enable "Use SMS Gateway" option at Application Setting screen. You need also specify URL that will be used to send request to the gateway. For example to use ComfyTel SMS gateway specify:
put your username

BB10 Applications

ContactsExchange: backup and restore contacts. Keep your contacts organized.

ContactsExchange FAQ:

Q. What can I do with ContactsExchange
A. ContactsExchange allows you export , import and organize you BB10 contacts

Q. What formats are supported for export and import?
A. ContactsExchange support vCard 3.0 and Text Tab delimeted format (compatible with MS Excel). The vCard format allows storing and restoring of pictures associated with your contacts.

Q. How do I open exported TXT format at MS Excel?
A. It is very simple: just use File/Open menu at Excel, it will recognize that file is TAB Delimited, and all other options are good to go as well. You just click Finish button.

Q.How ContactsExchange helps to organize contacts.
A. ContactsExchange detects empty contacts, duplicated contacts or contacts that complement each other. Empty and duplicated contacts can be removed. Complementary contacts can be linked together.. It makes your contacts info neatly organized and easier accessible.

Shortcuts: invoke your most frequent tasks and get your staff into clipboard fast

Shortcuts FAQ:

Q. What can I do with Shortcuts?
A. Shortcuts allow you to invoke your most common task by entering 'shortcut command': brief sequence of letters/digits of your choice.

Q. Is there video tutorial for using Shortcuts?
A. Yes. here it is:

Q. What should be shortcut command length?
A. It could be as short as just one symbol or as long as you like.

Q. Is short command case sensitive?
A. No, you can enter shortcut in any case.

Q. Where do you I enter shortcut command?
A. You can enter shortcut command in either BlackBerry Search input box or by sharing text from any of your application.

Q. Can I invoke shortcut with parameters?
A. Yes, many of Shortcut's operation support parameters. You need to specify %1, %2, etc and specify space separated parameters right after shortcut when invoking command.

Q. What operations Shortcuts allows to invoke?
A. Currently Shortcuts let you compose email and text messages with predefined content and subject (for emails), open browser with pre-configured URI, initiate phone call or BBM Video/Voice call (uisng pin or BlackBerry ID). Recently we added option to copy text to clipboard.

OnLocatiion: take actions based on your coming and going. Headless app!

OnLocation FAQ:

Q. What can I do with OnLocation
A. OnLocation allows you to take different action upon entering or leaving particular location.

Q. Is OnLocation really headless?
A. Yes. OnLocation consists of two parts: UI app and headless service, that gets awaken whenever monitored location is entered or left.

Q. What actions OnLocation supports now
A. OnLocation supports sending SMS (emails are coming soon), generating notification into your Hub and changing notification profile (normal, silent, vibration only, etc).

Q. Can I send messages to more then one contact.
A. Yes you can send messages to as many contacts as you like

Q. Can I configure different contacts for different locations?
A. Yes, you can configure contacts to be notified for every location.

Q. Can name of the location be added to the text of the message automatically?
A. Yes. %loc will be replaced with name of the location.

Q. Can I configure list of contacts that will be pre-populated for new locations that I add.
A. Yes, you can configure default contact list under contacts menu.

Q. What is shape and size of locations?
A. Locations are circular. You can configure radius for every location.

Q.Can I add location using its address?
A. Yes, OnLocation supports standard place picker that allows search location by it address or name.

Q.Can I just add my current location quickly?
A. Yes you can do that using either 'Add place' or 'Add location' option.

Q. Can I add location if I know its coordinates.
A. Yes, when using 'Add location option'  your current location coordinates are shown, but you can edit coordinates as well as location name prior to adding location to monitoring.

Q. Can I disable all notifications temporarily.
A. Yes, you can disable all notifications at "Options" screen.